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Project Management

You have a certain idea for a project to solve a problem or to develop a potential

We apply our knowledge, skills, tools and techniques to meet your project requirements. 

  • Active Project Manager to be responsible for Planning, Implementation, acceptance and follow-up of the project.

  • Support for certain tasks during the project

Video Analysis & Scouting

You need a fundamental analysis and possible options or suggestions for action in order to solve a problem, to master an important development step or to be able to make important decisions.

A specific current situation is recorded through a systematic strengths and weaknesses analysis. 

  • Player Scouting
    Player analysis to determine performance and create a SWOT profile to assess the potential of a player.

  • Opponent Analysis
    Opponent analysis to create a strengths and weaknesses profile. To review the possible course of action and point out possible options to beat the opponent.

  • Team Analysis
    Own team analysis to observe and record the current performance level. Find out the potentials and weaknesses of your own game idea and check the current squad in relation to your game idea.


You want to develop your Coaches / Staff and know how important it is to be challenged and encouraged.

Education that is grounded in theory and has practical experience in order to gain a deeper knowledge and understanding of football-related, but also overarching topics that can be applied in daily practice.

  • Workshops and seminars for compact consolidation on a current topic that your team needs for the next step.

  • Coach-The-Coach Courses
    Accompanying the process to individual or group-oriented development as a trainer.

  • Keynote lecture on a specific topic as an impulse for coaches, but also for your event outside of football.

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